A concept worth borrowing from the NBA

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
I don't mean to bang on a theme, but as I considered two stories I saw Wednesday I couldn't help but circle back for an additional rant about the Pro Bowl.

The first gave us player opinion on moving the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii. The second, about a new addition to the NBA's All-Star Weekend -- a H-O-R-S-E competition -- prompted much discussion on TV and the radio.

Once a huge fan, I'm now way out on the NBA and hardly think of it as trend-setting. But here's a rare occasion where the king of professional sports in America, the NFL, could borrow a good idea from basketball.

Football players have little or no interest in playing in the Pro Bowl, certainly not if it's not in Hawaii. I've suggested a gala and a skills competition replace the game, allowing for only those voted into the game to carry the tag, closing the door on the ridiculous amount of replacements.

And while hoops loans itself more naturally to a dunk contest, a three-point shooting competition and H-O-R-S-E, football can surely create an entertaining lineup of such things that would be far more entertaining than a "game" where not getting hurt is the primary objective.

I used to watch Neil O'Donnell aim long passes for a trash can before or after practice and found it mesmerizing. Put it on TV and I'd watch it and suggest you do so. I'd like to see receivers and corners race, linemen lift and tight ends and running backs do some sort of agility course. I'm sure you could offer up some other quality elements to a skills competition.

Give me the Pro Bowl on TV on Sunday, and I might flip by during a break in my nap. But a rerun of Chris Rock in "Head of State" on TBS probably has more as much or more pull. And I'm no fan of "Head of State."