Get out the chisel, here's the Jaguars' Mount Rushmore

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
At the start of the month, in conjunction with a bigger project unfolding in its final stages on "SportsCenter" this week, I asked you what faces belong on a Mount Rushmore for the Jaguars.

You provided some great feedback with comments and notes to the mailbag.

The team's brief history and early success led to quite a consensus.

A sampling of your comments:

Harperslaw: You've got to go with Freddie T, Tony Boselli, and Jimmy Smith. #4 is up to debate. I say Mark Brunell, but my alternates would include Donovan Darius, Wayne Weaver, and even Tom Coughlin. The problem is after 15 years in the league there's not a lot of tradition to chose from. It's still a work in progress.

JvilleJag2: The four people that should be on the Jaguars Mount Rushmore is kind of easy. Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith and coach Tom Coughlin. Mark Brunell was good, not great. The shortness of the existence makes it a little easier.

GoJags4362seats: Fred Taylor, Tony Boselli, Jimmy Smith, Mr. Weaver

Mark in Jacksonville: For the Jags the Mount Rushmore should be Tony Boselli, Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor with a smaller unfinished statue of Maurice Jones-Drew on the side.

BIgdawg1101: Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith and Mark Brunell, although I think Jones-Drew will eventually be worthy. He is still early in his career so at this moment in time I would go with these 4.

Charles in Jax: Jags Mt. Rushmore: Tony Boselli, Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor and Tom Coughlin. Coughlin (2 champ game appearances and multiple playoff appearances off the bat) is a close choice over Brunell and Keenan McCardell. Brunell was always more popular than his production warranted, and McCardell was great during his time here but was outshined by Jimmy Smith and didn't play as long here.

Seth Roy in Newark, Ohio: Jacksonville Jaguars Mount Rushmore: 1. Fred Taylor: One of the most under-appreciated, yet best, running backs in the NFL. He is the quiet face of the franchise. 2. Jimmy Smith: Easily the best receiver in Jaguars history. And one of the best players. Since he left, the receiving core has been pedestrian at best. 3. Mark Brunell: Leader of the team at the beginning, and a large part of why they were so successful so soon. 4. Tony Boselli: First player in the Jags' Hall of Fame. Epitomizes the physical nature of the Jags. I had a tough time leaving Tom Coughlin off this list. A defensive player should also be on the Jags' Mount Rushmore. Possibly Marcus Stroud or John Henderson. Kevin Hardy or Donovin Darius could also be on there (I might overrate Donovin slightly, because he's a Syracuse alum.)

Matt in Charlotte: Jags Mt Rushmore: Mark Brunell Jimmy Smith Tony Boselli Fred Taylor But to give Wayne Weaver the credit he deserves, I name the mountain Mt. Weavermore.

Jon in Jacksonville, FL: Wayne Weaver, Tom Coughlin, Tony Boselli, & Fred Taylor. A case can be made obviously for Jimmy Smith, Brunell, and even Jones-Drew somewhat, but those four were the four faces that people thought of on a national level when you talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Weaver & Coughlin built the franchise from the ground up, making it the most successful expansion team in the history of pro sports at the time. Boselli was the cornerstone of the young franchise and our first national "face", not to mention the most dominant player at his position in the league and a certain HOF'er if his career was not shortened. He's also the first & currently only inductee on the Jaguars' "Ring of Honor". Taylor simply IS the Jaguars. His career stats will likely make him the first Jaguar to gain strong consideration for the Hall and there is not one player who has given more for the franchise, than Fred.

Kenny San Diego: I have to assume that Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, and Mark Brunell will be the sure three on the Jags Mt. Rushmore. For the 4th guy, we should go defense, and I think Big John should be that guy. Maybe Donovin Darius, maybe Mike Peterson, or maybe Rasheen Mathis

Allen in Gainesville, FL: The Jaguars Mt. Rushmore: Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, Tony Boselli. That's it, and it was fairly easy.

Oddest nominations: Jaxson de Ville (mascot), Vic Ketchman of jaguars.com.

Key debate and what surprised me: That there was not more debate. I think I got a bigger response on this from Jaguars faithful than the three other AFC South teams and expect there will be few complaints about the mount.

Hardest to leave off: Tom Coughlin's tenure didn't end well, but he did remarkable work getting an expansion franchise up and running and competitive quickly, and all four of the faces on the mountain owe a great deal to him. Still, I couldn't put him over Brunell, who was a big key to the team's early success.

And so, the Jacksonville Jaguars' Mount Rushmore is: Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, Tony Boselli and Mark Brunell.