Small first cut still creates action

Adam in Cookeville, Tenn., writes: Why does the NFL have two cut-down dates? The first one, tomorrow seems pointless. It will be five players that no one has heard of. Camp legs and arms I think the coach calls them. Seems teams should be able to keep all of them through the last preseason game. I wonder how an 18-game season will affect this?

Paul Kuharsky: The first cut down used to be much bigger. Now Tuesday’s cut is just from 80 to 75. I think the league still wants there to be some action and decisions made, and if teams could stay at 80 you’d probably see most of them hold an additional five guys out to ensure they don’t get hurt and therefore don’t cost them any additional money.

But it’s a largely a non-event. Then Saturday’s cut to 53 is big.

When they add two games to the season, the rosters will be bigger. With two fewer games and more guys around for the long haul, teams won’t be as in need of extra players for the preseason.