Mailbag: On lifting blackouts

William in Oviedo, Fla., writes: I’m glad to see how ESPN hasn’t said anything about five of the Jags eight home games not being blacked out.

Paul Kuharsky: I will try to explain as best as I can.

Me saying, “No way will William eat that donut” is different than me reporting “William won’t eat that donut.”

The first presumes something that I have little doubt will be the case. The second is absolutely factual.

Here’s what I tweeted Friday morning:

I am told only game #Jaguars have blackout lifted for so far is opener. Next four are close, but not done deals. #NFL

So the AFC South Blog piece of ESPN hasn’t said anything about it for one simple reason: I checked it out and found it to be untrue.

Now eventually it may become true. The Jaguars certainly hope it comes true. But if it does, that doesn’t make saying it as beyond speculative now correct.

Also, while we’re on the subject: People keep saying the Jaguars announced it. They did not. If they had it to announce, don't you think they would have done so with great fanfare?

Someone saying it on the radio and an official team announcement are two very different things. How about we choose our words more carefully?

This is why Ben Roethlisberger not being elected a captain this season becomes him being “stripped” of his captaincy. We can all see how that is not the same thing, right?

Zack Adams in Easley, S.C., writes: Paul, first let me say I'm a fan and follow your work on here all the time. I'm a HUGE Colts fan. Coming into this season I thought we had the best chance to go all the way this year. Now... not so much. With Charlie Johnson hurt and Tony Ugoh gone, we have Jeff Saturday, Ryan Diem and a bunch of terrible backups on the o-line. What is the chances Peyton Manning once again makes the impossible possible, and leads this team through the season and into the playoffs with probably the worst offensive line of his career?

Paul Kuharsky: I appreciate the kind words and the clicks.

The O-line is in rough shape, especially when considering the depth. Still, once Johnson is healthy, we’re looking at four-fifths of the starting group that went to the Super Bowl still being in place.

I think this is unquestionably a playoff team. A playoff team that needs to draft two high-quality linemen soon.

One question about your logic: Ugoh qualified as one of those “terrible backups” and got released while hurt, so how does that move now qualify as part of what to lament?

Chris in Odessa, Texas, writes: Any word on Texans' interest in cut players. Perhaps Damione Lewis or Justin Hartwig. I realize the Texans stick closely to their build through the draft plan and prefer younger players, but am not sold on the ability of any of the Texans tackles to occupy offensive linemen nor Myers as the answer at center. Any potential for these or other moves? Or will they stand pat and hinder their chances for advancement?

Paul Kuharsky: You think Lewis or Hartwig would somehow greatly enhance the Texans’ chances for advancement? I don’t.

Bryan in Sydney, Australia, writes: Hi Paul, loved your article on fielding punts, and last year's on racing the fastest guys in the AFC South. Next year I'd love to see an article on how to block a defensive lineman. Good luck!

Paul Kuharsky: I appreciate that very much. I expect I’ll be looking for a 2011 idea. It won’t be blocking a D-lineman, though.