Then Tyson Alualu told Tim Tebow ...

Tyson Alualu quickly ended one of Tim Tebow's two touches Sunday. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Some criticized the Jacksonville Jaguars when they drafted defensive tackle Tyson Alualu 10th overall in April, passing on any scenario where they’d bring in local favorite Tim Tebow.

Sunday, the two came face to face on one of Tebow’s two plays in Jacksonville’s opening day win over the Denver Broncos at EverBank Stadium. Alualu had quite a bit more than two plays -- finishing with three tackles, including a sack of starting quarterback Kyle Orton.

On this play, the third from scrimmage in the game, Alualu took down Tebow for a 1-yard gain.

What sort of quick chat might the two have had before they got up? I invite you to share what you think you’d have heard if you were in range.