Manning on Manning

It was a double Manning day in Indianapolis, as Peyton made his weekly visit with the media and the primary topic was the opposing quarterback in this week’s game against the New York Giants, his brother Eli.

Some highlights of that news conference, courtesy of the Colts public relations department:

On what it is like to see his brother, Eli, in an NFL game:

Peyton Manning: “It’s a different feeling. It’s a different feeling for both of us. I’ll be playing against their defense, which I’m not very familiar with. It really is a pretty unfamiliar opponent. They’ve had a lot of changes since we played them four years ago, including a new defensive coordinator [Perry Fewell], which you saw against Carolina. They brought out some things that they had not shown in the preseason. Anytime you see a new coordinator it takes, I think, four, five, six weeks to get a feel for what he really is all about. He is an excellent coach and you can see that he has so many more weapons in New York than he had in Buffalo, and he is using those weapons. That will be the biggest challenge. Certainly, I know Eli and I are both glad this thing was Week 2. Four years ago it was the first week of the season and talked about it all preseason during training camp. Now, it’s Week 2, we’ll just have to talk about it one week. There is no question that it is an honor and a privilege to be on the same field as your younger brother. It’s a special situation.”

On what it’s like to have Dwight Freeney chasing after his brother:

PM: “It evens out because [Justin] Tuck and Osi [Umenyiora], those guys get their chance as well. I think once Eli was drafted and you started doing the math, we knew this would be an every four-year thing. I hope to make it to that 2014 game. I’ll probably be out of eligibility by the time 2018 comes around. It’s unique. I think we try to enjoy it. There is no question it’s an important game for both teams. [The] Giants are coming off a big win, we’re coming off a disappointing loss. I think it will be a really good ballgame.”

On four years ago seeing Eli at the game and it setting in that he and his brother were going to be facing each other as starting quarterbacks in the NFL:

PM: “I can’t tell you until Sunday, but I remember seeing him before the game and remember coincidentally for the National Anthem we just happened to be on the same yard-line kind of across (from each other). That was a pretty unique feeling, being up there in New York, singing the National Anthem and seeing your younger brother straight across from you, knowing that he is about to be the starting quarterback for that team. That seems like a long time ago. A lot has happened since then. It’s a different team for the Giants. Eli has won an unbelievable Super Bowl, and he’s established himself as a top NFL quarterback. It’s a game and the preparation is the same, but I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t take one moment to reflect that it is pretty special.”

On if he looks forward or dreads the games against Eli:

PM: “This year, like I said, this is really the only week that we’ve had to talk about it. Four years ago it was a lot different, we had to do a lot more, but we haven’t had to do the sit-down interviews or anything like that, so it’s been much shorter and easier on us this year. No, I probably don’t look forward to it all that much. One thing I can do, and I know he does too, once you get out there playing you truly are competing against that defense and trying to win against that defense. But all that other stuff, I’m glad it’s only once every four years.”

On if he’ll talk to Eli before the game:

PM: “I will. I haven’t yet, I’ll probably talk to him maybe tonight or tomorrow. I think four years ago it was about a five-minute visit out there before the game, but usually you get there before the game and he has things he needs to do, I have things I need to do. Maybe a quick visit and then a handshake at the coin toss. I know he’s a captain. Those are all things I look forward to.”