Merril Hoge's latest Vince Young review

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge has been one of Vince Young’s harshest and most consistent critics.

But he didn’t light Young for the two interceptions and one lost fumble that got Young benched in Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh.

Hoge appeared this morning on “The Wake Up Zone” in Nashville, the show I am part of three mornings a week. He said Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is creating new stuff for an already excellent defense, which makes Pittsburgh scary.

Here’s what Hoge said about Young and the Titans offense:

“They really made Vince Young try to beat them at his weakness. They didn’t let him get outside the pocket. They might have tried to make him be pure pocket passer. And what I think the Titans have done such a great job at with him is they’ve used Chris Johnson’s dynamic ability to run along with Vince Young’s ability to run and have been able to throw the football off of that. Well once that is gone, they are very limited as an offense. And then they get exposed. And the teams that can do that have a chance to beat them. If you don’t, then the Titans are going to be fairly successful on offense.”

I think that’s spot on. The question is how many defenses are equipped to stop Johnson and Young from running. It may be the question of the year for this team.