Manning: Colts still figuring out identity

The Indianapolis Colts have thrown it well through three games, but would love to be able to run the ball like they did in Week 2 against the New York Giants more often.

Peyton Manning said Wednesday in his weekly press conference that he’s looking for more balance as the Colts try to sort out their identity.

“I don’t know if we’ve played enough football to determine what our strength is quite yet,” he said. “We’re still kind of finding our identity a little bit with the personnel and what we’re going to hang our hat on every single week. Like I said, from the Giants game to the Denver game, you look at our running game, you have to call it a little bit inconsistent.

“We’re looking for a little more consistency as far as who we are going to be each Sunday as opposed to figuring it out, ‘Hey, this week we’re going to have to be a throwing team, this week we’ll be a running team.’ We’d like to be the same team every single Sunday. We’re still looking for that balance, and hopefully we can back to a little more of that this week.”

Nine touchdowns passes and no picks for the four-time MVP quarterback means it is a strength, for sure. But Manning's broader point is not a bad one.