Chat recap: Better than the basketball

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

We had a solid hour of chat Thursday. I have to commend the participants for how deftly they juggled watching basketball and talking AFC South.

A couple snippets:

Jason (Bmore): Are you under the impression that Okoye is just young and will surely develop, or is there the chance that the Texans missed the boat on this pick?

Paul Kuharsky: He's not a sure thing, no. But he was dinged last year and I think he's got a good chance to be a good player for a long time....

Ben, Tallahassee (FL): Hi Paul. Do you see Indianapolis resigning D. Rhodes or do you think they will draft someone to backup Addai and Hart?

Paul Kuharsky: I haven't been able to get a sense. At season's end, I felt sure they'd re-sign DR. Doesn't appear he's going anywhere, so he stays an option, they gauge the draft and then we see....

Anthony, Nashville: Last year Young asked out of the Jag game. Eventually, he got his wish. So why does he want his job back now?

Paul Kuharsky: I'm no Young defender. But he asked out of the game, not out of a career....

And one clarification: In answering a question about Albert Haynesworth, I said I expected he will be suspended. That's for his recent driving incident that allegedly caused an accident which hurt someone badly. I didn't mean I expect him to do something new that gets him suspended. I have recommended he hire a driver.