Vince Young's cap implications

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
In Nashville, the salary cap implications of cutting (or, for some dreamers, dealing) Vince Young have been a popular topic since the team brought in veteran Patrick Ramsey as a third quarterback.

Here is a breakdown of Young's contract, which runs through 2011.

This is complete as far as bonuses past and future and base salaries. I was unable to get the guarantees or incentives which may alter the totals some. Still, this provides a good sense of the financial context the Titans are dealing with. The "acceleration if cut" column amounts to the new salary cap number in a given year if Young is let go or dealt.

Boiling it down:

If the Titans were to part ways with Young before this season starts, it would actually cost them an additional $2.76 million against the cap. But in swallowing a $7.38 million cap hit in 2009, the Titans would take Young off their books beyond 2009 and then save the complete scheduled cap numbers in 2010 and 2011.

Barring a scenario where he replaced an injured Kerry Collins and had an MVP season or won a Super Bowl as the starter -- and maybe even in the context of such unlikely events -- it's unfathomable that Young will be a Titan under this contract in 2010 -- when he's due a $4.25 roster bonus, a $7.5 million base salary and would cost $14.21 against the cap under contract and only $4.29 million if he was taken off the roster in 2010.