The Jaguars' starters you'd like replaced

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
I recently asked Jaguars faithful what starter they would most like to see replaced.

You spread it around, but right tackle Tony Pashos and defensive tackle Rob Meier probably got the most mention.

Thanks for all the feedback. Here's a sampling of what you had to say in comments and notes to the mailbag, with some commentary and reaction weaved in:

Pashos Meier
Ty from parts unknown: Rasheen Mathis...or as i call him toast, that guy gets burned way too much to be considered a premier corner.

Paul Kuharsky: There is a long way between "not a premium corner" and replaced. Let's see him with a more consistent pass rush. I think right now he's a good corner and I think he can be very good.

David in Jacksonville: Jaguars to replace : Brian Williams at corner- he is a better safety than a corner. Any WR- Northcutt is a decent slot receiver but we need playmakers on the outside. Meir as a starter- the DT position needs help. Henderson has been in the league awhile and the Jags do not have any other quality tackles on the roster. Hayward- Let Harvey and Groves play the ends so they can develop. The Jags have a lot of holes to fill and need to have a productive draft.

J. from parts unknown: This hurts to say, but I would want to replace Marcedes Lewis. He frustrated me to no end last year with all the key drops he had in games. I realize that he is a good blocker, but he had butterfingers last year. And, even though this guy doesn't start, I never want to see CB William James on the football field again. Wow, bad.

PK: James was atrocious. He's an unrestricted free agent, and I can't imagine with last year's film he's going to find work.

pokerfitz: Marcedes Lewis, I mean seriously how many passes can one guy drop? He's the braylon Edwards of TE's...

PK: We wait and wait for Lewis to become a consistent weapon. He definitely needs to be more reliable to prompt coaches to give him a bigger role.

Terry in Ponte Vedra: Addressing your upgrade question - I would uprade if possible Pashos, B. Williams (at corner) and D. Northcutt.

Tim in Ocala, FL: Tony Pashos without a doubt, he is truly the definition of lackluster..if he ever appeared to be playing well it was because the rest of the line picked up his slack.

Jeff in Melbourne, FL: Ship out Tony Pashos. The guy is notorious for False Start and Holding penalties. The Jaguars have trouble moving their offense as it is. Take that garbage somewhere else.

PK: Much attention has been focused on left tackle, where Khalif Barnes was not pursued as a free agent and Tra Thomas was signed to take him place. Perhaps the Jags draft a tackle, look for him to edge out Pashos and eventually flip to take over for Thomas. A question we need to ask when discussing Pashos -- how much did it affect him when right guard Maurice Williams was lost at the start of the season?

Brian in Jacksonville, FL: My choice is based on who I want the Jags to get in the draft and not necessarily on lack of production at the position. I'd like to see Daryl Smith replaced at ILB by Rey Maualuga. Daryl has shown he can play both inside and outside. I believe the addition of Maualuga would upgrade the position immediately and moving Smith to OLB would allow the Jags to lose nothing from the position. Given the Jags are reported to run a 3-4 on occassion, this further improves the formation with a possible Grove-Maualuga-Smith-Ingram set. Is Rey at 8 smart? Probably too high for a LB but if they can trade down he could very well be BAP. In my opinion unless Oher were available you'd be hard pressed to go need above talent (CB, WR).

PK: I think they like Smith a lot and he'll have a chance to settle in. But none of the linebackers last year made enough plays, including Smith in 14 games before a groin injury ended his season.

Jeffrey V: pick any off the wide receiver and you are on the mark of what need to be replace on offense. On defense Meier need to go. Move William back to strong safety and add a solid corner.
lilmjd12: Consadine if he is going to be our starter.

PK: Wow, sight unseen in a Jags uniform and you're already done with him. He might be able to be a steady guy, I want to see him in camp.

Randy in Oxford, PA: I would like to see Jags starter Reggie Hayward replaced. He has not lived up to expectations and his injuries have been an increasing issue. He always seems to be dinged up in some way.

Corry in Longwood: If I could replace any starter on the Jags it would have to be Garrard, I am starting to think he is more like 06 than 08.

arwenner: Definitely Meier.

spectre4372: This is more than a little tricky; it's near impossible. Several "starters" last year occurred because of injury - Norman and Nwaneri, off the top of my head. Others were dumped this offseason, including Williams, Jones, Taylor, Barnes, Florence, Spicer, Peterson, Sensabaugh. So that effectively rules out 10 out of 22 positions. Yikes. I would hope we aren't trying to replace too many other incumbents. Per the consensus, Meier and Pashos are obvious picks. Bonus suggestion: Meester, who is already 32. Even he makes a full recovery, there needs to be young talent at the center position.

Julian in Tallahassee: This is solely my anticipated starting secondary: Brian Williams and Rashean Mathis at CBs and Sean Considine at SS with Reggie Nelson at FS. I would like to see Brian moved to SS and Scott Starks take Brian's starting CB position.

Jeff in Jacksonville: Paul, I would love for the jaguars to replace Reggie Nelson. I dont want to take him off the team I would just move him to the CB position I believe that he would serve as a better CB than FS. I would then either draft another safety and left brian williams and sean constantine man the safety positions.

PK: I don't see that happening, Nelson is locked in right now as free safety. The question is whether they will be ready to shuffle Williams based on what they add to the defensive backfield.