If they could take any college prospect ever...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
In March, we see everything cut into 64 pieces and put into brackets, breakfast cereals formatted to mimic college basketball.

In April, we don't do brackets, we do drafts.

And so here is ESPN.com's Mock Draft for the Ages. Every college prospect ever was available -- strip him of what he did as a pro. Using this year's draft order and needs, Page 2 made the picks. My part was simply offering comment on the AFC South picks.

You have to click to see who went where, but as you suspend your disbelief, prepare to see Calvin Johnson, Barry Sanders and Steve Emtman join the division and Earl Campbell resurface -- OK, we'll give that one away, same city, different franchise.

Sidenote: Don't miss Mike Sando's read on O.J. Simpson to Seattle. Classic stuff.