Manning scores in ultimate QB comparison

Peyton Manning sidestepped a question about whether his rivalry with Tom Brady could be likened to a Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird-caliber duel.

That doesn’t stop us from examining it from every angle we could find.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two through the eyes of ESPN’s top experts.

Manning outpolled Brady 5-0 in this question: Who will history remember as the better quarterback. Tim Hasselbeck provided his answer:

“I say Peyton Manning because of the consecutive-games-played streak (now at 200), the insane passing statistics that he continues to compile and because he changed what a quarterback does at the line of scrimmage. Every time he walks to the line, almost anything could happen. He goes to the line with the ability to get into the right play, no matter what it is. Teams have changed the way they play defense against him by disguising their schemes as long as they can. The Colts' version of the no-huddle offense has also changed the game by taking teams out of their third-down pressure packages. It also is very different because even though they don't huddle, they often snap the ball right before the play clock expires, which creates problems for the defense as they try not to show their hand to Peyton too early.”

This is a quality read and gives you a chance to do some voting. So dive on it.

Two more Manning links here: KC Joyner thinks the Colts’ quarterback is living off reputation right now. But Nate Dunlevy says Manning’s had a stretch like this before and it’s hardly the issue people think it is.