Del Rio wants shock factor for rookies at minicamp

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Teams take different approaches when it comes to bringing in their rookies for the first time.

Tennessee's will arrive in Nashville Thursday evening and have practices on their own Friday and Saturday. They will go home with an idea of how the Titans run things, and then join the veterans later.

Jack Del Rio is doing something far different in Jacksonville. His team's full minicamp is this weekend, and he'll throw the rookies right into the deep end.

"Yes, they're going to be swimming, they're going to be challenged, and we really want that this year. Last year I got away from bringing in the rookies right after the draft and I wanted that shock factor. I want these guys to hit Jacksonville and be shocked by me, be shocked by the veteran players that have been here working out. They may think they're in good shape. They'll get here with our veterans and will realize they're not in good shape, so that shock factor is something I covet. And we're going to get started with that starting Thursday night ...

"In terms of getting the mentality in line, right from the get-go, establishing what things are going to be like here and making sure they understand just how hard they're going to have to work. As much as I just got done telling you how much I love this class, and I really do like the class that we've added, all they are is prospects; all they are is draft selections. They've got to come here, get signed, get to camp and fight for a spot. And they're grown men that are not wanting to be displaced that are in the way, and so it should make for a very competitive camp."

Both ways can work. The Jaguars drafted a lot of guys they view as leaders. The shock factor shouldn't last too long, and they should go back to school with an excellent idea of what they need to do to be ready the next time they are on the field with the veterans.