Chat recap: We cover urgent issues

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Chat recap time. Here is a glimpse of what you missed. If you read these carefully, there may be a rewarding link to more at the end.

Michael (Shreveport, LA): PK - love the blog. Great article today on Gonzo. Now that the draft is over and Keiaho resigned, which is the greatest weakness on the Colts in terms of skill and/or depth? OT, WR, CB, or Special Teams

Paul Kuharsky: Well thank you. I say OT as I am not sold on Ugoh. But they have to be to not have drafted one. WR depth a concern as well. Special teams with a new leader can't be worse, can they?

Josh (SF): Paul, Bigger problem for the Texans, turnovers or defense not stopping the run?

Paul Kuharsky: Turnovers. I think if they don't turn it over and are clicking, they can get into the 30s a lot of Sundays, and if they are in the 30s, the other team needs to throw to keep up.

nate (tallahassee,fl): Paul, with the two rookie offensive linemen taken in the first round which current vet is most likely to lose his starting job? What 5 linement do u see starting on opening day?

Paul Kuharsky: Too early to say on five based on where the injured guards are. But I would think Pashos is ultimately going to be the weakest link.

Chris(Kaiserslautern, Germany): Hey Paul, what do you think of the Titans picking Ryan Mouton over DJ Moore? Do you think it was a good or a bad choice? And how do you think local fans will respond if Moore ends up being another Vandy standout playing somewhere other than Nashville?

Paul Kuharsky: I have no problem with it. The Titans aren't obligated to draft people their fans know. Their fans are obligated to learn about people they draft.

A lot of guys the Titans don't draft wind up hits elsewhere. Nature of the beast. Vandy guys don't get points added to their draft grade.

The Ellipsis: Paul...we used to be tight...but now you never use me anymore...what is up with that?...

Paul Kuharsky: I caved to pressure.

Miss you too.

You complete me.

One for old times ...

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