Finnegan addresses fight and fine

November, 29, 2010
Quotes from Cortland Finnegan’s Monday evening radio appearance on Nashville’s 104.5 the Zone following his Sunday fight with Andre Johnson that got both players fined $25,000.
  • “I believe I toned it down completely and started playing within the rules because the NFL is changing and you’ve got to adapt to change. So I’ve done that…”
  • “Did I want it to escalate into that? Absolutely not. …The only thing that upsets me -- I’m not worried about getting hit, I’m hard-headed as it is -- if you reverse that and it’s me, I’m not at the radio show. I’m sulking because I got a game suspension. But you twist it and it’s because it’s me. You live and you learn. Oh, well.”
  • “It’s not the action that we’re after anymore, it’s the actual person. And that happens to be I’m the instigator, I’m that guy.”
  • “If you reversed it, by any stretch of the imagination, you get me, here, suspended…”
  • “This is not hockey this is the NFL. It’s crazy to me to see people condoning this like I got what I deserved. So be it…”
  • “I do want to apologize for the way I left… and the waving …”
  • “I guess he got his money’s worth.”

Here's the audio of his comments courtesy of Titans Radio.

Paul Kuharsky | email

ESPN Tennessee Titans reporter



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