Finnegan addresses fight and fine

Quotes from Cortland Finnegan’s Monday evening radio appearance on Nashville’s 104.5 the Zone following his Sunday fight with Andre Johnson that got both players fined $25,000.

  • “I believe I toned it down completely and started playing within the rules because the NFL is changing and you’ve got to adapt to change. So I’ve done that…”

  • “Did I want it to escalate into that? Absolutely not. …The only thing that upsets me -- I’m not worried about getting hit, I’m hard-headed as it is -- if you reverse that and it’s me, I’m not at the radio show. I’m sulking because I got a game suspension. But you twist it and it’s because it’s me. You live and you learn. Oh, well.”

  • “It’s not the action that we’re after anymore, it’s the actual person. And that happens to be I’m the instigator, I’m that guy.”

  • “If you reversed it, by any stretch of the imagination, you get me, here, suspended…”

  • “This is not hockey this is the NFL. It’s crazy to me to see people condoning this like I got what I deserved. So be it…”

  • “I do want to apologize for the way I left… and the waving …”

  • “I guess he got his money’s worth.”

Here's the audio of his comments courtesy of Titans Radio.