Checking the polls: Jaguars

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Last week I pointed you to a link that gave you a chance to chime in on some questions about the Jaguars.

Here's a review of where things stand over at SportsNation, with commentary.

What's the best case scenario for the Jaguars?

  • Win Super Bowl

  • Deep playoff run

  • Early playoff exit

  • Miss playoffs

Right now, 47 percent of you say early playoff exit. Incorrect. Even if the Jags fill holes and enjoy a major turnaround, I believe it will be difficult for them to finish higher than third in the division and I think even a best-case 9-7 season wouldn't be good enough for a playoff spot.

How should Jaguars fans feel about their team as compared to last year?

  • Significantly better

  • Slightly better

  • Slightly worse

  • Significantly worse

  • About the same

Right now, 53 percent of you say slightly better. Correct. Just in subtracting guys like Jerry Porter, Khalif Barnes and Gerald Sensabaugh from the locker room, the Jaguars began to change the tone. They seem to have brought in better people to replace them and a young team has likely already experienced bottom with last year's 5-11 record.

Who should start at left tackle for the Jaguars?

Right now, 55 percent of you say Eugene Monroe. Correct. Tackles drafted in the top 10 have proven they can be plugged in and get good in a hurry. The sooner the better for a young team trying to get things moving in a better direction. Thomas is good policy.

Is David Garrard a franchise quarterback?

  • Yes

  • No

Right now, 58 percent of you say no. Correct. I know he played well two years ago and that last year's struggles resulted at least in part from poor protection and insufficient weapons. Still, I need to see him carry his team on the crucial drives-of-record that determine a game. And perhaps he will.

Which player could the Jaguars (sorry for earlier typo) least afford to lose to a long-term injury?

Right now, 76 percent of you say Jones-Drew. Correct. This team is built around him more than anyone else, and they have no proven alternative at running back if MJD goes down.