Crumpler: Vick better than a third of NFL QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Alge Crumpler remains a close friend of Michael Vick's from their time together as Atlanta Falcons.

After the Titans OTA session Thursday, Crumpler talked about Vick, who got out of prison Wednesday and headed back to Virginia where he'll be under home confinement as he finishes out his sentence.

Crumpler visited Vick in prison last summer, tried to again recently but couldn't, and has written him regularly.

Here are highlights of what Crumpler said:

"He's just got to get into the setting, a locker room where he's happy. Hopefully someone will give him a chance to play quarterback. If that doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. But I want to see Michael under center."

"I honestly feel like Michael, without having played the last two seasons, is better than probably a third of the quarterbacks taking center right now in the National Football League. One, he'll sell tickets. Two, he'll bring a lot of excitement. And three, if given the opportunity to stay with an offensive coordinator more than three or four years, he'll be successful."

"If everybody wants magic in a rushed situation... It's got to be the right situations. It's got to be the right team, the right assistant coach, the right social setting. Things have to match up right. And if Michael gets that opportunity and is able to take enough time, it's just a matter of how many people want to reach out and take that opportunity."

"I definitely support his efforts at re-entering society and hope the public understands that he's paid his debts. I know he's remorseful. But nothing I can say matters. It's all about Mike's actions, what he does, how people perceive the things that he does and how he reaches out and tries to help people understand the things that he's lost. Football is the least of the things that he's lost. He's lost some people's respect, he's lost monetary benefits and he's lost his freedom. And hopefully one day at a time he can work to gain a good livelihood and hopefully, football, if given a chance, will be something that he'll be able to get back to. I definitely support his efforts if he wants to come back and play because I am a big fan of Michael the person, my family is big fans of him."

"Right now it's just a small step, it's just back home. I would like to see him back out on a football field, but I just want the other affairs of his life to be in order because that is the part that is going to stick with him for the rest of his life."

"He just needs to get home, see his family, get settled, enjoy this time out and focus on football when it's time to focus on football. But right now he just needs to enjoy his freedom and his family."

"My hope is it's as a quarterback. I've heard all the talk about Michael playing different positions, but Michael was a true leader in our locker room... Everybody on staff from secretaries to custodians to groundskeepers, everybody just loved Michael. He just went out and did the dumbest thing possible, committed a crime and obviously he paid for that."