Del Rio: Jaguars' buy-in keys position

Jack Del Rio talked with Mike and Mike this morning and pointed out what a major turn around the Jaguars have made in two season with general manager Gene Smith at the helm.

“If you look at last year, it was a complete rebuild. We had 33 new guys on the roster and a bunch of them were young players that were playing. We had an achieving 7-9 year where we put a lot of good work in for a total blowup and redo. Here we are in year two of it and we came into this season and said we want to win this division, we want to contend for a championship, and we laid out some big goals. Most people probably said these guys lost their mind down in Jacksonville, but that is what we set out to do. Basically laid out a bunch of tough commitments, hard work that was going to be required, and the guys have bought it. It’s been a fun year and we’re pushing forward.”

I didn’t think they’d lost their mind, but I did think it was awfully ambitious to imagine climbing over three teams I thought would be of high quality. Lo and behold, the Colts, Texans and Titans have all slipped, the Jaguars have gotten better and Sunday they can win the AFC South.

You can find a bit more of the conversation transcribed here, as well as a link to the podcast.