What I think they are thinking

What I think they are thinking in the headquarters of the four AFC South teams this afternoon ...

Houston Texans

It was nice to win at the end, nice to make sure it wasn’t the worst season of the Gary Kubiak era, nice to avenge the Hail Mary game, nice to prevent the Jaguars from having a shot at the division, nice to get Arian Foster the rushing title, nice to finish third in the division instead of last. But there isn’t really that much solace in any of that considering where we expected to be and where we are. Reports say Kubiak is safe, but he said after the game it was not certain. If he’s back, what’s it mean for my job. If Wade Phillips is in as the new defensive coordinator, are we turning into a 3-4? What’s that mean for Mario Williams?

Indianapolis Colts

We’re in and we start off at home. We’re not the popular pick, but we’ve found our footing. We’ve been in playoff games for a month now, as far as we are concerned and if we can maintain what we have been doing, there is no reason we can’t advance through these playoffs. Maybe we even get Clint Session and/or Kelvin Hayden back in the mix. Rex Ryan was already talking about his big expectations Sunday. We sure hope he gets more Colts-specific this week. We’ll sit back, watch that while we work, and fully expect to be louder than him Saturday night.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Maybe in some time we’ll come to regard this as a season of improvement and see it as a year of progress. But considering the control we had in the division and the way we gave it away and the chance we had to finish above .500 that we didn’t take advantage of, it’s hard not to feel disappointed now. It doesn’t feel like a success. We’re not expecting Wayne Weave to oust Jack Del Rio, but the big boss passed on a situation to offer support this morning. With or without Del Rio, how do we get better at seizing our biggest and best opportunities?

Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher versus Vince Young may turn out to be a better matchup than a lot of the games we played after our 5-2 start. Big change is coming, because it’s impossible to envision them both back. We have issues that our brass really has to sort out. And a lot of us who coach think it’s players, a lot of us who play think it’s coaches. It would be good for all of us to take accountability of our piece of it. Maybe we eventually will. But right now we want to see how things shake out and figure out what the developments mean to each of us.