Weekend mailbag: Touch 'em all

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Bert in Danville wants to know who I see as the Colts third wide receiver and if I think they might get one in free agency.

Paul Kuharsky: There are no free agent wide receivers that would be especially attractive, and the Colts don't usually go that direction. They expect a solid third guy to emerge from Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie and Roy Hal.

Here is something I wrote in them during the recent minicamp:

Kingpin in Grinnell, IA writes: Paul - I know you've been visiting/covering other teams lately, but any word who might be returning kicks and punts for the Titans this year?

Paul Kuharsky: They are a long way from replacing Chris Carr. They'll be looking at a lot of people for a good while before deciding. Mark Jones probably gets best chance, but he's got to be able to play some WR too. Rafael Little could be interesting on kickoffs if he makes the team.

Ted LaDue in St. Augustine, FL writes: Hi Paul. You seem almost apologetic about having little to report on the Jags for the last several days. This time of year I think that is a good thing. My wife's birthday was a few days ago. I went to one of the local college/pro sports wear stores to purchase the new styled Jags Jersey for her. As you might imagine, the selection was very limited. Uniform design changes cost those places a lot of money. I was talking with the manager of the store about the Jags. He was dropping a few names and talking about how good things look. My reply was that the Jags are one big question mark, but I am really looking forward to the season because of that. He replied that he didn't really agree with me, and he thought the Jags were going to be much much better than last year. He seemed a bit irritated. I took another angle. I told him that I'm not a guy that would show up at a game wearing my Leftwich or Taylor in Teal Jersey, but I would wear my Mercedes Lewis in White even though it is the old style jersey. Bearing in mind that I am a thrifty individual, and what we know about the Jags today, who's jersey would you pick other than MJD, or Monroe? Based on what we know right now, who's jersey can I purchase that can most likely be worn during the 2010 campaign? He couldn't give me an answer and went back to dropping more names. Like I said, we have a lot of question marks. Can David Garrard bounce back, and can he learn to throw the deep pass? Can Drew carry the load? Henderson? Will Meester hold up for more than 1 season? Will Manawaui be effective in his key run blocking duties following his knee injury? Nelson has to have a good season. Mercedes Lewis has to have a good season. Why is Williamson still on the team? Will our 2nd year D ends develop or will they bust? Is this Cox kid going to be any good with the pads on?

Paul Kuharsky: Interesting stuff on your conversation with the store manager.

Good questions too, all to be answered.

I can say this about Williamson:

If he wasn't an attitude problem, why cut him early instead of late? You haven't paid him anything in 2009 yet. What if none of the draft picks do anything in camp or Holt falls down the stairs between now and the end of the preseason?

Why not keep options open and give the guy a continued chance? Don't cut for cutting's sake. Cut because you don't want a guy, don't need a guy, really don't like a guy or can't fit a guy.

Jon in Silver Spring, MD writes: Good god almighty! The Texans actually SIGNED Sexy Rexy? what the hell?! *slaps forehead*they are morons.
Paul Kuharsky: Easy killer. Rex Grossman's not starting. He's not even in line to back up. You can do a lot worse at third if you are looking to be three deep. I don't love him at all. I have no problem with him at that position on a depth chart, though.

Adam in El Paso writes: Hi Paul, I am a avid jaguars fan and enjoy reading your coverage on the jags (and AFC south in general). I was wondering what your take is on the recent rift that has developed between Jack Del Rio and John Henderson. Do you believe this will effect Henderson's playing time on the field? If it continues will he be traded/released? How would this affect the team in general? Thanks in advance for answering!

Paul Kuharsky: Henderson is not getting traded or released. Release him, and teams are lining up to sign a guy with that size. If he's then determined to show you what a mistake you made, you look horrible. They need him to play and play well. They are trying to light a fire however they have to, which is fine with me.

Ryan M. in Tullahoma, TN writes: Hey Paul, All this concern over teams possibly getting sponsor patches on their jerseys seems like nothing new to me...The Titans have a patch from Baptist Sports Medicine on theirs, and have had it for as long as I can remember...see here: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/04bu3Wp7iR5al/610x.jpg
So, did the Titans get away with it simply because the practice at Baptist Sports Park?? or am I right to think that this is not a new concept? Thanks Paul, love the blog, I check it everyday. Ryan

Paul Kuharsky: Thanks, Ryan, I appreciate the loyalty.

It's not a big deal, I agree. Titans have worn them for a long time. There may be a new rule allowing it, but there was never a rule disallowing it either.

Michael in California writes: Afternoon Paul, First off, I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I'm a huge Steelers fan, so the AFC North is where I go to first, but of all the division writers you are my favorite. Now that that's done my question. Do you think Jeff Fisher even wanted Vince Young when the Titans drafted him? I've never felt that he was the style of quarterback Fisher desired. In hindsight, which is 20/20, it seems they would have been better off taking D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Just wondering if you had any insight. Thank you for your time, and all the best. Michael Elliott

Paul Kuharsky: In hindsight, I certainly they wish they'd taken Cutler. They couldn't have not taken one of the quarterbacks when they were needy at the position.

I don't think Young was Fisher's first choice. I think he would have preferred Leinart (who his Norm Chow also wanted).

But I do believe Fisher thought all three QBs were going to be good and that any of the three would be a long-time solution for him.