This time, Jets need the adjustments

INDIANAPOLIS -- A year ago when these two teams played in the AFC Championship Game, the Colts trailed 17-6 early and 17-13 at the half.

They made killer halftime adjustments and ran away after halftime, 30-17.

This time around, while the Jets defense has played well through 30 minutes with one notable exception, the offense has not found a big enough play. Mark Sanchez handed away a field-goal chance at the end of the half with a bad interception to Justin Tryon.

And so the Colts are ahead 7-0 at the half.

If they win the adjustment battle again, they’re going to be in good shape at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Sanchez has been off on his two best chances -- Santonio Holmes beat Cornelius Brown off the line but Sanchez waited too long and then overthrew him in the first quarter. On a rollout right in the second quarter Dustin Keller was open by a bit up the right side and he overthrew there.

They strung together a nice long drive at the end with 13 plays and a penalty, and got nothing to show for it.

If the Colts can manage to only give up the likes of 24- and 15-yard passes up the middle to Holmes and Braylon Edwards in front of people, they’ve got to like their chances.

It’s only a one-score lead, obviously.

But it’s the Jets turn to make the big adjustments.