Wade Phillips likes Texans' heart

New Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips joined KILT for a chat, excerpts of which we got thanks to our friends at Sports Radio Interviews.

A few highlights:

What he sees from the current Houston personnel:

“I’m so impressed about how hard they played. Obviously they didn’t play well at times or things they didn’t do well, but they showed a lot of heart. … We’ve got to shore up a few things and get some things better, but I just like the heart of the team.”

Can he get Brian Cushing to bounce back and be a playmaker?:

“I think he will be. I think he’s certainly got the ability but also you can see on film … his demeanor on the field and his competitiveness, it shows that he wants to do well. … I think he’ll get better and better.”

Why he wants to switch from the 4-3 to the 3-4:

“I go back to what we’ve done and I don’t have the exact stats, but in the last six years, and that’s two different teams, I’m sure we’ve averaged in the top three in the NFL in sacks in those six years. … It’s all the front seven. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to play in a system like that. Guys in the past that I’ve had, the Bruce Smiths and on and on, they’ve had success.”

My thoughts:

I’m not real excited about heart, we saw how far heart could take the Texans' defense with Frank Bush at the controls.

Cushing has to play a huge role in the turnaround.

With Phillips as coordinator in San Diego and coach in Dallas, the Chargers and Cowboys played a lot of good defense, which is one big reason for Texans fans to be excited about the changeover.

Here’s the link to more of the interview transcribed and the sound.