Collins, Heimerdinger and Ramsey on Ramsey

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Just spent a little time over at Hillwood Country Club before the Titans' annual charity golf tournament teed off.

The most interesting stuff didn't come as a result of any topics I had on my list, but picked up on this Terry McCormick story I linked to earlier Monday.

The topic was Patrick Ramsey -- who typically gives Collins two strokes a side when they golf together.

I'll leave these quotes open to your interpretation about the team's quarterback situation beyond starter Kerry Collins.


"He's become a good friend. He's a guy I've got a lot in common with and golf's just one of them. He brings a lot of experience to it, he's going to be good for the room. He's very detailed and very thorough with his game plan, which I think everybody benefits from.

Offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, who coached Ramsey in Denver:

"I like Pat's work ethic and I think he's very dependable, he works hard at it. I think he and Kerry, when they [met] each other, they both like hunting, they both like fishing and they both like golf. So they get along pretty good.

"Pat's work ethic and the questions that he asks in the room are really good and I just thought he'd be a good fit."


"I'm going by what I've been told and honest, this is a boring answer, I'm trying to play the best I can play and let it take care of itself. If it doesn't take care of itself, then I'll move on and try to make the best of whatever situation I'm faced with.

If he plays the best will he be the No. 2?

"I would hope that's the case. I'm not a decision-maker. I understand the dynamic here. But I would certainly hope that's the case."

Is he at a disadvantage with less time in the offense?

"[Vince Young] doesn't necessarily have any more time in the offense than I do. I played in Denver in a very similar offense. He's not getting any more reps than I am. So I can't really make any excuses in that way. I would say it's perfectly even in terms of how many reps we've gotten."