Wiley on Young: 'Vince is getting there'

Wednesday we heard from Vince Young, who sat down to talk with Marcellus Wiley.

You can revisit that here.

I fielded some questions about how Young came across to Wiley, a former NFL defensive lineman who happened, like your author, to study at a fine university in a little city called New York. So I reached out to Wiley to ask how he felt about Young after their sit-down in Houston.

“Vince is getting there,” Wiley wrote me. “He is finally realizing that the game of life, especially in the NFL, is not just about his playing ability. Those outside elements or what players term ‘the politics’ are finally on his radar. He is being humbled and should respond with a chip on his shoulder, producing some amazing performances …

“Going forward, Vince should ‘show out’ ... but, it's all on him!”