Switch unlikely to change VY decision

The Titans' separation with Jeff Fisher does not reopen the door for quarterback Vince Young to remain with the team, Adam Schefter reports.

It shouldn’t.

YoungYoungIf Young had won his head-to-head battle with Fisher, it would have been hard enough for Fisher’s replacement to come into a situation in which the quarterback had amassed more power than the coach.

If Fisher’s replacement came in now and had a quarterback the team had announced wouldn’t be back, it would be even more difficult.

The Titans are starting from zero at coach and at quarterback.

The labor impasse makes it the worst possible time to be looking for either, let alone both.

Young cannot be traded before a new collective bargaining agreement is in place, as the 2010 trade deadline was on Oct. 19.

He cannot be released before waivers start on Feb. 7, the day after the Super Bowl.

But releasing him then with a lockout by the owners likely on March 4 would give another team a head start on getting him into its building and getting a playbook into his hands. The Titans would be better served to simply hold onto him and lock him out with everyone else, then let him go after a new accord is reached.

Kerry Collins has an expiring contract. Rusty Smith, a 2010 sixth-round pick, is the lone quarterback under contract with experience.

The Titans are expected to be active in the trade or free-agent market once it opens. They will also consider quarterbacks in the early rounds of the draft, where they hold the No. 8 pick overall.

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