Sando's free-agency breakdowns

Chart master Mike Sando over at NFC West headquarters has plugged free agent info from the NFLPA into his Commodore 64 and come out with several handy pieces of information.

Here you will find a chart that shows how many players on every team’s roster with expiring contracts had accrued three, four and five seasons through 2010.

Presuming each got credit for 2010, they’d all be in line to be unrestricted free agents under the policies that existed under the expiring CBA before the free-agency requirements changed for 2010.

The Texans have 17 such players, the Titans 15, the Colts 14 and the Jaguars 12.

That total of 58 is the second lowest for an NFL division.

And here is a position-by-position breakdown.

Houston has five players in line for free agency on its defensive line, Tennessee has four defensive linemen, Indianapolis had four defensive backs and Jacksonville has three quarterbacks (Trent Edwards, Luke McCown and Todd Bouman).

It's much more fun to think about free agency than a lockout. We're glad to be able to do it for a few minutes.