Chat wrap: Was I any good?

Was @ESPN_afcsouth on his game in Thursday’s chat? Paul Kuharsky Espn doesn’t want to boast, so he’ll talk in third person and let you decide.

Here are some of the greatest hits:

KJ (Texas): Who do the TEXANS take in the draft? Playoffs finally next season?

Paul Kuharsky: There is absolutely zero reason right now to say the Texans are going to be a playoff team. Zero.

@JimIrsay (Lucas Oil Stadium): We will get a new CBA worked out before training camp....real question who should we (me and the commish) decide on for SB halftime show?

Paul Kuharsky: Coldplay seems logical to me, has broad appeal, very good live, Indy will be cold...

Brian (VA): In Remember the (Former) Titans which actors play Jeff Fisher, Vince Young and Bud Adams... even though he's still the owner?

Paul Kuharsky: Tom Selleck for Fisher, Ernest Borgnine for Bud. No one coming to me for Vince, but it's a bit part anyway, right?

Bird (iPad): What really makes me angry is that you're not slingshotting me into crap right now. I'm so mad! [Angry Birds reference.]

Paul Kuharsky: What are some other reasons for your anger, beside the eggs?

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