How division fit in SportsNation polling


Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NFC West maestro Mike Sando takes a thorough look at the result of SportsNation polls that ran last week -- apologies that news developments kept us away from these.

But let's take a minute to revisit how the AFC South fit in.

  • Houston rookie linebacker Brian Cushing placed second in a vote on four potential AFC breakout players. He finished behind Lawrence Timmons but ahead of Dustin Keller and Zach Miller.

  • Fans follow the whole league, not just their team.

  • If the league were to expand, fans like Orlando as the first new stop. (I can't see that in light of Jacksonville's ticket-sales difficulties just 140 miles away.)

  • Colts-Patriots ranks at the league's best rivalry.

  • Of the teams that have never been to the Super Bowl, New Orleans is most likely to be next, fans said. In that elite group of five, the Jaguars were second and the Texans third, both well ahead of the Browns and Lions.