Reading the coverage: Colts add ad to jerseys

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Where does the AFC rank in franchise stability? Greg Trippiedi runs down the league. Colts, Titans and Texans are all too low by my account.

FoxSports.com's Adrian Hasenmayer has the Colts' receivers and tight ends ranked way too low. (Hat tip to John Oehser for the link.) The Texans are as good as he thinks, the Jaguars probably not as bad when you factor in Torry Holt.

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm sorry to report I came up empty. Will try to make sure I've got a Jags' entry this afternoon.

Tennessee Titans

  • A Web site is petitioning for the Titans to retire No. 9 for Steve McNair, writes Terry McCormick. I think a petition is unneceesary and that McNair's jersey will be retired eventually, but immediately. Here is the petition.

  • Colby Cosh on McNair.

  • McCormick looks at the three unsigned Titans rookies.