Survey says: Hall's best block

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Ahmard Hall has knocked plenty of people onto their butts in his football career. But when I talked to him in late June about the block he's most proud of, it wasn't a pancake he pointed to.

Here's what the Titans fullback told me:

"I think the best block I made really wasn't a crushing block. We were playing Pittsburgh last year and we did a fake where I come back around and I really just shielded off [Troy] Polamalu and CJ [Chris Johnson] ran it on in. It was a big play and it gave us a lot of momentum to go ahead and win that game.

"It's really a fake dive to me; I'm faking to the right and CJ is going to the left. They're faking the dive to me, and I am coming back around and I'm looking for the safety or whoever is there; whoever is most dangerous. And Polamalu happened to be in the spot; he's a really heady guy. He was running hard and I was running hard and I got in there and was just able to shield him off and CJ bounced outside of me. I was there just in time just to give him a little shove. I didn't get too much on him; he maybe would have knocked me back. I just slowed up enough, got myself in great position and didn't try to kill him. I probably would have whiffed if I did that.

"Coach [Earnest] Byner was just telling me it was a great job. A lot of times people want fullbacks to make crushing blocks or pancake blocks, but sometimes if you just know where you are supposed to be, use your mind and be mentally strong and just get there and shield a guy off, somebody like CJ with his blazing speed, it can get him in."

Home run, Ahmard; just the sort of play-in-detail I was looking for when I decided to try this series of entries.