Scaife jumps to Rosenhaus

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
A recent tweet from Drew Rosenhaus:

"I'm proud to announce that we have signed Titans' Franchise player Bo Scaife as a client. We hope to sign him to a long term deal in 2010."

Terry McCormick fleshes out the story here.

More power to Rosenhaus in his efforts, though talks on a long-term deal cannot resume until after the Titans-Seahawks game is over on Jan. 3, 2010.

I was surprised when the Titans franchised Scaife, but think it was the prudent move given their need for him and their cap room. I don't think the Titans and Rosenhaus will ultimately agree on his value, and I suspect if Jared Cook shows what the team wants in his rookie season, they'll be comfortable moving forward with him as their primary pass-catching tight end after this season.

Scaife's productive, accountable and a great locker room guy, however. And those things aren't always as reasonably priced as the Titans like.