Could Bob Sanders land in Dallas?

Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders takes a look at some guys who are free and can sign right now, and sees a match in this Insider piece between former Colts safety Bob Sanders and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve spent the morning getting approval from high-ranking editors to share that segment of the article, and here it is:

The Colts signed Sanders to a contract extension in December of 2007; since then, he's missed 39 of the 48 regular-season games he was eligible to play in. It's clear that depending on Sanders to stay healthy is a problem, and with one of the worst injury problems in the league on a yearly basis, Indianapolis probably isn't the place for Sanders. He needs an organization that's exhibited a history of turning injury-prone players into contributors, and there's one that fits the criteria who could definitely use a safety: the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys turned the career of Marc Colombo around after he flopped with the Bears due to injury, and with starting safeties Alan Ball and Gerald Sensabaugh hitting free agency, Dallas could opt to take a chance on their medical staff being able to keep Sanders in one piece. The upside is enormous and the gamble is certainly worthwhile.

That would be an interesting landing spot. Sanders reportedly made four visits. We know the first two were to Jacksonville and Buffalo.

Jack Del Rio said at the combine he and the Jaguars remain very intrigued about the possibility of adding Sanders, and that there is a trade-off where Sanders for X number of games is better than another safety for all 16.

I think Jacksonville is still playing with that equation, but I'd be surprised if it landed Sanders before the CBA expires on March 4.