For teams, quiet week expected ahead

If incremental labor developments are not your thing, this will be a quiet week.

Even if they ARE your thing it probably will be quiet, as players and NFL management have done quite well during work with a mediator at keeping details of progress, or lack of it, under wraps.

The week extension of the talks about a new CBA brings built-in down time.

Teams are allowed to talk to their own players, but that’s it. If the Colts and Peyton Manning were willing to let the original lockout deadline come and go, odds seem low for a big new development now.

For all four teams of the AFC South and the entire league -- if you were planning on re-signing one of your own who’s likely going to be a free agent when things are resolved, well, you would have done so with the clock ticking down to the initial CBA expiration date.

Draft preparations will continue. Preparations for most other elements of business in most other scenarios should be over with.

In team offices where executives and staff have to look busy, this will probably be a week of faking it. In offices where they don’t have to look busy if they are not, it should be a week of getting in a bit late and going home early.