Daily developments: VY could get a start

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
The Texans are simulating crowd noise to get ready for their preseason opener in KC, says the Chronicle's camp insider. Arrowhead is great, but is crowd noise at a preseason game going to warrant this? I don't know.

Charlie Johnson's replaced Tony Ugoh in the starting lineup at left tackle for the Colts. Here's Mike Chappell's take. And my newest thought: Did Ugoh suffer from not getting an offseason with Howard Mudd who was retired because of pension issues? Might Mudd's recent return help him take the job back?

Here's the Colts' media release in advance of Friday's preseason opener against Minnesota. It includes a link to the new depth chart.

Will it be hard for Eugene Monroe to catch up if he doesn't sign soon? Said Jack Del Rio: "Yes it will, it will be very difficult to catch up. Where we are right now we're about 75% of our offensive system is put in. You're talking about a position where you've got a lot of volume, a lot of thinking and you need to be part of a cohesive unit. And it's getting to the critical time where realistically how much is he going to be able to help you starts becoming a question you have to ask. I think there's been dialog. I just don't have anything to report."

Vince Young could start a preseason game as Jeff Fisher would like to see him operate with the first-string offense, says Jim Wyatt. Seems like a good idea if the team is willing to be honest with itself about the results, good or bad.

Mike Heimerdinger had "no complaints" with Young against Buffalo. Read this Joe Biddle column to get a sense of what he was expecting from Young.

Jeff Fisher on Kevin Vickerson, from the team's transcript of Monday's press conference: "I'm not pleased with the two defensive offsides. He's doing that on the practice field and he's doing it in games. He's got to get that under control or he can't play for us, but he is a very good player. He's productive. He's physical. Like I've said, with the weight loss now, he's got a chance to be an every down defensive tackle for us." Here's video.