Titans not worthy of prime time

There are flex possibilities late in the season, of course. But at the start, the league's schedule makers did not deem the Titans worthy of a prime time game.

Buffalo, Cincinnati. Arizona and Carolina also don't have a Sunday night, Monday night or Thursday night appearance on their schedule.

I have no problem with the Titans being in that company. Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills qualifies as the most well-established quarterback on the five rosters we won’t see on display after dark. It shouldn't be a newsflash that a team with vacancies at starter and backup quarterback like the Titans isn't viewed as a draw.

Still, on Twitter some Titans fans have been up in arms over the perceived slight. I don’t know why they feel Tennessee is worthy. There is little certain about the team outside of Chris Johnson.

I can understand how Cleveland (huge national following), Detroit (definite up arrow), Seattle (playoff team last season), and San Francisco (high-profile new coach) all got a prime time game ahead of the Titans.

My prediction on Jacksonville radio Tuesday that the Jaguars would also get none was way off. They’ve got three, including two home appearances on Monday Night Football. That’s at least partially attributable to the league trying to help boost ticket sales in North Florida.

As for the Titans, it’s not worth getting upset about.

If they make any noise this season, it’ll be as a surprise team and they will be able to play up how no one believed in them or thought they'd be worth seeing.

It will also help Mike Munchak establish a routine with his team in his first season. Fifteen of the Titans 16 games will kick off at 1 ET (noon in Nashville), with just one late afternoon game (Nov. 6 against Cincinnati).

“For me as a coach and as a player, I’ve always loved playing the noon games,” Munchak said in the Titans news release about the schedule. “We’ve got 15 out of 16 that start at noon, and I like the consistency of that, the fact that you just get up, get dressed and go to the stadium and play. I think guys really enjoy doing it that way rather than sitting and waiting to play later in the day.”

The Colts have the maximum allowable five prime time games. One of them is at Lucas Oil Stadium against Houston, the Texans' lone prime-time appearance.