An interesting morning ahead

At least one team in the AFC South will have to sort out how to handle players showing up at its facility today.

Titans guard Jake Scott, the team’s NFLPA rep, told Jim Wyatt he planned on stopping by team headquarters and has advised teammates to do the same.

Other team leaders around the league -- union reps who became part of a trade association when the NFLPA decertified -- have also told players to report.

How will teams respond? This is from ESPN.com’s report from news services:

In order to avoid any potential legal ramifications, the NFL Management Council spoke to all 32 teams … via telephone Monday night and urged teams to let players into their buildings on Tuesday -- with certain stipulations, according to two league sources.

The sources said teams were told not to open their weight rooms nor engage in any contract discussions, but to let their players in the building. The league also intends to get security in place for players to come in to avoid any potential confrontations or photo opportunities for the media. The NFL intends to debrief teams again in the morning with further instructions.

It’s going to be an interesting morning, and we’re going to see just how quickly courts respond to the NFL’s request for a stay pending appeal. U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson ordered an immediate end to the lockout Monday.

The NFL is questioning whether Nelson exceeded her jurisdiction and seeks relief from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis.

Stay tuned.