Who should the Titans draft at No. 8?

Who should the Titans take?

You’ve heard my draft thoughts and seen my mock draft pick for the Titans.

It’s time for me to hear yours.

I picked four guys and a trade scenario I think will be in play for Tennessee at No. 8 and offer them to you in this poll.

I’d prefer you tell me what you think the Titans will do, rather than what you hope they will do, but you’re in control now and I know my suggestions will only carry so much influence, if any.

I believe the Titans rank Washington’s Jake Locker higher than the rest of the quarterbacks, so I offered him as an option instead of trying to sort through the next batch.

If the Titans wind up with a quarterback who’s not Auburn’s Cam Newton, Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert or Locker, I suspect he will come after a trade down from No. 8 or in a trade up from No. 39 in the second round.