Can Delone Carter protect Peyton Manning?

Bill Polian said the Indianapolis Colts would draft as if their potential free agents were goners.

Syracuse running back Delone Carter, a fourth-round pick, puts Indianapolis in position to survive losing Joseph Addai.

I think Addai is a perfect fit for the Colts, a guy who understands getting what he can, protecting Peyton Manning and working as a pass catcher. He may have less value to other teams in the league. I've expected they will try to keep him.

Reading up on Carter, he doesn’t sound like an Addai replacement. PFW rates him as a bowling ball and says he has to improve as a blocker and a receiver to be more than a complimentary back. He’s dealt with injuries and the Colts could use a durable guy.

Scouts Inc. says he’s very good in pass protection, but points out he had just eight catches as a senior. He gets an overall mixed review: Good initial quickness, will gain yards after contact, needs to be less finesse, doesn’t always make right decision on lateral or North-South and dances a bit too much in the hole.

Is he more the Donald Brown or the Addai in the Colts’ scheme?