One listener: Goodell Colts' call a 'waste'

The biggest “nugget” out of Roger Goodell's conference call with Indianapolis Colts season-ticket holders was that he fully intends for the Super Bowl to be played at Lucas Oil Stadium on Feb. 5.

That was hardly a revelation at this stage, as any games lost to the labor dispute will start with the ones at the front of the schedule, not the big one at the back.

I didn’t listen in, but I did see some running Twitter commentary, particularly that of our measured friend Nate Dunlevy, who didn’t try to contain his disgust over the call.

When he didn't write about it, I asked for his review.

“As a fan and a season-ticket holder for 11 years, I found the whole thing to be a waste of time,” said Dunlevy, who runs 18to88.com. “I was shocked at the kind of questions people asked …

“The vast majority of the questions had little to do with the lockout. The ones that did, Goodell gave a potboiler answer to that we've heard a thousand times. Many of us were on the line with real, hard questions and they didn't field a single one I would classify as difficult.

“I simply can't believe that people called in to ask Goodell about what players he liked as a kid. It was bizarre. The audio is on line, and it's a mind numbing bore. Just like the real experience.”

Here’s a transcript if you do better staying awake while reading rather than listening.