Go ahead, fantasize

It’s called fantasy football for many reasons, and one of those reasons is we can discuss a new top 200 list in June during a lockout. You know it’s allowing you to adjust your cheat sheets.

Here’s the AFC South representation on ESPN.com’s new pre-free agency list. They’ve used “fa” to denote scheduled free agents. We will leave them on even though we know players like Mike Sims-Walker, Randy Moss and Vince Young are leaving Jacksonville, Tennessee and Tennessee, respectively

I wouldn’t touch Moss at 94, which is where I start to have some issues with this list. From what I saw up close, he’s finished. There are offensive coaches scattered around the country who were part of Jeff Fisher’s staff who would say the same.

Other thoughts:

  • Of the guys rated above 90, Kenny Britt is probably the riskiest. Will he walk the straight line and can you count on him to produce week-to-week?

  • Marcedes Lewis is too low. He’s going to remain the prime red-zone passing target. He’s going to be in amazing shape. I see a lot of guys I’d take him ahead of ranked above him (Beanie Wells? Seattle's Mike Williams? Moss?).

  • David Garrard, meanwhile, seems too high at 126, though he is the 20th quarterback. I suppose if you draft your backup in the 12th round (in a 10-team league) that’s OK.

  • It’s kind of silly to even play pretend with the likes of Joseph Addai, Moss, Sims-Walker, Young, Adam Vinatieri or Jacoby Jones at this point with no idea about where they will land.

  • I think Mike Thomas is probably going to be a pretty good value if he’s the 103rd player taken.

  • I’d go with Ben Tate as a reserve running back ahead of Rashad Jennings, just based on the mystery connected to Tate, who was hurt and lost for the year early last season.

  • The best breakout candidate here is probably Jared Cook. You can certainly take a flier on him earlier than 181st knowing the Titans intend to feature him.