Not expecting Burress in the AFC South

The automatic question today is whether Plaxico Burress fits your team.

We recently did a team-by-team assessment of where the former Steelers and Giants receiver could land after two years in prison.

I rank Houston as the most sensible landing spot if he were to head to the AFC South, which I do not expect he will.

It’s a guessing game for sure. But field-stretching speed is what everyone wants, and Burress didn't really offer that even as a younger man. His game is about muscle and size.

I’d be intrigued at the idea of him lining up opposite Andre Johnson for the Texans, but don't forsee an aggressive pursuit.

Burress is too old for the Jaguars and Titans, who are both in the middle of youth movements and who likely steer clear of anyone coming out of jail, whether his sentencing was fair or not.

What about the Colts?

They have said they intend to be more active in free agency, and so we expect them to add a guy or two of some stature.

But he doesn’t fit as he’s not a sharp route-runner who adjusts to coverages the way Indianapolis asks its receivers to.