Archie on Peyton: No real news

We need to be wary of over-parsing things here.

Peyton Manning has plenty of time to heal up after recent neck surgery.

Archie Manning offered this update Monday at Jim Kelly’s charity golf tournament:

"It's just been 10 days. He's not where he wants to be. It's just something that came up and had to be done, so hopefully it'll work out."

“He’s not where he wants to be.”

Does that means he’s not on the schedule he’d hoped? Or that he’s not ahead of schedule as he’d hoped?

We don’t and can’t know based on what Archie Manning said here. I think it's over-reaching to read that as some sort of bad report. (It's also a bit refreshing that we didn't get the "everything is fantastic" spin.)

Archie Manning also said “Unfortunately, Peyton just had a little surgery, so he's down right now.”

Down as in down and out of action? Or down as in unhappy? Or both?

We need to be wary of over-parsing things here.

I don’t think we know any more about the state of Peyton Manning than we did before his father commented.