How many wake-up calls does Britt need?


We’ve been Titans-heavy this week because they’ve had a couple of days on the field.

If you’re not a Titans person, be glad this post is not about your team.

A day after pleading guilty to reduced charges from his last incident, Kenny Britt was arrested anew.

Jim Wyatt has the details here. It makes for roughly half a dozen incidents involving Britt and police since he was drafted by Tennessee in the first round in 2009.

The news first broke in The Jersey Journal not long after the Titans wrapped up their second day of player-organized practice.

Two other Titans wideouts, Nate Washington and Damian Williams, had talked about Britt’s absence afterward.

“I did talk to Kenny and he said he was working on getting out here, but he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it,” Williams said. “That was like two weeks ago. I wouldn’t say he’s missing a lot, it was two days of work, and I missed one of those. But it helps.”

Said Washington: “I know Kenny’s working. I can’t say the reason why he’s not out here today. We all have a lot of things going on plus this lockout. I don’t know what situation he has going on. He’s in a safe place right now and he’s working out, that’s all I know.”

When the Titans talk about the best things they have going for them as they hit the restart button, Britt as an offensive weapon often ranks as high as second, behind only Chris Johnson and the run game’s potential.

If Britt keeps on this track, he’s going to sink or disappear from the list.

How many wake-up calls does he need?