Analyst: Garrard lacks commitment

We’ve debated the Jaguars’ feelings on David Garrard as Blaine Gabbert arrives.

Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network gives us more fodder in this edition of “The BS Report” at around the 21:20 mark. (Hat tip to Matt Loede.)

Says Lombardi:

“They brought Blaine Gabbert in because they don’t feel David Garrard has the eye of the tiger. They feel that when David Garrard leaves the facility that football is behind him, that he could care less about the game. They don’t feel like David Garrard is committed to [excellence]. They think he’s a good player and they like him. But they don’t think he has that innate intangible that really drives and really wants to be a great pro. Now maybe with Gabbert there, he’ll bring that intensity out of him. I’m not sure. ...

“I think Garrard will be the starter, but if Gabbert looks good he can keep putting heat on him.”

That’s the general sense of Garrard among many who observe the Jaguars closely, though few have expressed it in such strong terms. I do not envision Gabbert “bringing the intensity out of him,” but that’s something we’ll be monitoring closely once players are back at team facilities and finally hit the practice field. (Garrard defenders will immediate say he's under-supplied with weapons and not protected well enough.)

I emailed Garrard at what I believe to be a legit address, but haven’t heard back from him yet. Will quickly let you know if I do.

Lombardi had some interesting things to say on other quarterbacks pertaining to other AFC South teams:

On Michael Vick: “Jacksonville not signing him was a $100 million mistake.”

On Matt Leinart: "His eye level was way down, he showed no patience in the pocket, he had no sense of rhythm, he can’t escape anyone to make a play on the move, he had no support from players in Arizona when he was demoted. The Texans drafting T.J. Yates in the fifth-round tells you all you need to know."

On Jake Locker: “I think Jake Locker’s accuracy is really going to put him behind the eight ball.” Lombardi doesn’t buy the idea that leaning on Chris Johnson will ease things up for a rookie quarterback. He said that thinking is going to hurt them more than he will help them because everybody is going to gang up on Johnson and dare Locker to throw outside the numbers, which he’s not good at.

One aside. Lombardi says early that “The Killing” on AMC was disappointing. I couldn’t disagree more. I loved it. Go find it.