Williamson on Titans and free agency

Co-hosting “The Wake Up Zone” in Nashville this morning, I was part of an extensive conversation with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. about the Titans’ roster.

We focused on free agency.

Some of his larger points:

  • Middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch is a good, physical player against the run but is pretty much a two-down player who’s a liability against the likes of Dallas Clark, Owen Daniels or Maurice Jones-Drew. Williamson thinks the Titans are ready to move on without Tulloch.

  • Of ends Jason Babin, Dave Ball and Jacob Ford, the Titans are most likely to bring back Ball. He’s bulkier and would fit best with the team’s push to get bigger. Williamson thinks Babin will break the bank somewhere else.

  • Chris Hope can be part of an average secondary, and addressing the safety position shouldn’t be very high on the Titans list. If they pursued a free-agent strong safety, Baltimore’s Dawan Landry could be an affordable upgrade and pair up nicely with Michael Griffin.

  • Fullback Ahmard Hall is coming of a poor season (along with the interior line) and is unlikely to draw much free-agent interest. Williamson rates Houston’s Vonta Leach, also a free agent-to-be, as a superior player. But generally, teams that utilize fullbacks don’t want to invest a lot in the position, feeling they can always find someone adequate.

  • Williamson likes Donovan McNabb as a place-holding veteran quarterback option, and expects him to be cut by Washington. McNabb’s style and strengths line up nicely with what Jake Locker does. I don’t believe the Titans are interested in McNabb, who might not embrace a caretaking role and has an ego that would need some managing. If the team brings back Kerry Collins, Williamson points out the Titans will be doing different things for an immobile veteran than they will eventually be doing for Locker, who excels at throwing on the move. [UPDATE: Collins announced his retirement later in the day.]