RTC: Kerry Collins has no regrets

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Houston Texans

The Texans are projected to be $7.6 million under the 2011 $120 million salary cap.

If safety Gerald Sensabaugh doesn't re-sign with the Cowboys he could see himself being reunited with Wade Phillips in Houston. "I could definitely see that if Dallas doesn’t work out," Sensabaugh said. "Wade’s a good guy, I already know his system and it would be an easy transition for me. I wouldn’t have to learn anything new, and at the same time, I’d be able to help the other guys learn Wade’s system. I could see that becoming an option."

Indianapolis Colts

The Houston Chronicle's Stephanie Stradley points out via Twitter that, despite recent reports that Peyton Manning had neck issues throughout 2010, he never appeared on the Colts' injury report last season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Owner Wayne Weaver and team executives are headed to Atlanta Thursday as movement toward a new CBA continues.

Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert joined tight end Zach Potter and fullback Brock Bolen at Atlantic Coast High School to get in some practice Wednesday, and before long high school students were running routes and catching passes from Gabbert.

Tennessee Titans

Kerry Collins says he's comfortable with his decision to retire: "I am really at peace with my career,’’ Collins said on Wednesday. “I didn’t win a Super Bowl and that is going to be one of the things that bugs me, I know it will. But when I sit here and look back at the age of 38, I played 16 years and I had kind of a rough start but I am proud of the way I came back from that and the things I accomplished over the years."

Linebacker Rennie Curran talked with KSAZ-TV about preparing for the season during the lockout.