RTC: Players preaching patience on CBA

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Houston Texans

Plaxico Burress has expressed interest in the Texans. But according to Pro Football Weekly's Arthur Arkush, citing a source close to the team, Burress signing with the Texans is unlikely.

Speaking to reporters Thursday night, Bob McNair said the owners and players will have to make sacrifices in the new labor deal. "We didn't get everything we wanted and the players didn't get everything they wanted," McNair said. "We got enough modifications in there so that we have a business model that works for the next 10 years."

Indianapolis Colts

Owner Jim Irsay is looking forward to team doctors being able to meet with Peyton Manning. Irsay: "We haven't seen him, and we haven't seen the medical records. We need to get that information as quickly as we can." Irsay said he already has made an offer to Manning that tops Tom Brady's contract, and he expects a five- or six-year deal to be completed shortly after a new CBA is ratified.

If the Colts cannot reach a long-term deal with Manning, the team could theoretically retain Manning with the franchise tag -- but that would be very costly. It's worth $23.1 million in 2011 and would cost the team $27.72 million in 2012 and $33.264 million in 2013.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Linebacker Kirk Morrison says the players can't rush into a new CBA deal until they understand all of the aspects of it, especially since it would be a 10-year agreement. Maurice Jones-Drew also stressed that players have a lot at stake in a 10-year deal.

More caution urged by Jaguars players. Uche Nwaneri: "Honestly, I just feel like with any situation there has to be diligence about what it is that you want to do. You have to go through a process understanding where you stand as a group."

Tennessee Titans

Guard Jake Scott isn't buying the owners' stated concern over player safety. "For us, player safety was a massive issue and is a massive issue. And to the owners, honestly, I really don't think that they care that much because it doesn't affect their bottom line, you know, whether we do two-a-days or one-a-days or how many OTAs we have," Scott told SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio Thursday.

As the lockout appears to be winding down, several Titans players expressed an eagerness to get back to work.