A bit more on Mike Thomas as a No. 1 WR

When I reported this column on Mike Thomas as the Jaguars’ likely No. 1 receiver this season, I reached out to both Gene Smith and David Garrard.

The Jaguars general manager and quarterback both got back to me after the column was posted, and I wanted to circle back to share their thoughts.

Said Smith: "An established No. 1 receiver must be a go-to type receiver who can win versus single coverage. Andre Johnson is a prime example of a No. 1 receiver, as he can win big or with his speed … We certainly need someone to emerge in that role. Mike might be short by NFL standards, but he’s not small. He’s strong, quick and fast. Plus, he a competitor who wants the ball when it counts. “

Said Garrard: “I believe Mike Thomas can and will be a number one receiver. No he isn't 6'5'' or run a 4.2, but he makes all the big-time plays that guys that size do. He is a young, up-and-coming star in the NFL and I am very fortunate to have him as a teammate.”

A lot of lists we’ve seen of positional needs have the Jaguars searching for a receiver.

I won’t be surprised, however, if they do nothing or very little of significance on offense in free agency, while putting a big focus on defense, particularly at linebacker and safety.