Two Jags are overweight, one also hurt

For all the hope that conditioning wouldn’t be an issue for teams and that guys would be able to take care of themselves during the lockout …

The Jaguars two biggest concerns reported back to the team unready to practice.

Guard Vince Manuwai and defensive tackle Terrance Knighton are both overweight. Manuwai is also hurt and was placed on the team’s non-football injury list.

The Jaguars played their best when Manuwai was healthy and fit and making holes for Maurice Jones-Drew and before Knighton wore down and slowed down last season.

We can’t read tone in print. But check out these Jack Del Rio quotes from the team’s transcript.

On Manuwai, who’s got an injured foot and ankle: “He’s just in no position to be competing on the football field. He hasn’t passed the physical and he’s in poor condition. I know he’s been dealing with some personal issues but for us we can’t, the doctors couldn’t, the coaches wouldn’t. He’s just not ready to be on the field and so we’ll see how that goes.”

On Knighton: “Terrance Knighton will condition on the side until we feel he’s ready to participate; he’s not ready right now. For his sake, for his safety and for other players we just feel like have to hold him out right now, so he will not participate until he gets himself in a place where we feel that’s acceptable to come on the field.

Knighton told reporters he needs to drop eight to 12 pounds, to which Del Rio said: “It’s like the deck chair being thrown off the Titanic. He’s got a little work to do.”

Is Del Rio annoyed that Knighton is overweight at the start of camp for the second season in a row?

“It doesn’t always go the way you’d like it go,” he said. “I’m just going to make real certain that everybody here understands what I’m looking for, and I think he’s real clear on what I’m looking for, and now it’s up to him to get rolling.”

Two immediate beneficiaries: Rookie guard Will Rackley and second-year defensive tackle D'Anthony Smith, who shredded an Achilles at the start of last summer's camp.